About Us

Alice Henshaw, founder, had focused on the improving of the appearance of her clients from non surgical treatments. Excellent in clinic service but having no control on what clients did for their skin outside the clinic was a nonsensical approach. Thus Skincycles was born to provide continuous support and ensure the best possible outcomes from treatments undertaken at Harley Street Injectables.

The product history

The skin is the human body’s largest organ and its’ most visible. Its requirements vary depending on climate and to further complicate matters depending on your age it renews itself at different speeds. Therefore keeping your skin at its best is a full time job.

Aside from the damage sustained by the skin from factors such as wind, sun and pollution there are the many non surgical aesthetic treatments undertake which cause damage and trauma to the skin which need treating.

Skincycles philosophy is that you need to follow your natural rhythms of creation to disposal of a skin cell which is 5-6 weeks on average. Patience is key as the mask will visibly improve the older outer layer but it is only after 3-4 months that the whole skin layer will consist of younger, stronger and healthier cells.

The hydrating bio cellulose mask addresses the most common issues of dehydration, ageing and damage regardless of age or location of the user. In development is a range of more tailored masks which will follow the specific requirements of age.